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     This may seem like a lot to fill out, but we want it to be a perfect day for you.

  Wedding Date:                               Today's Date:    

I understand that filling out this online contract commits me to use A Platinum Chauffeur, Inc.  for my wedding limousine

Placed By:     Others, please specify:

Brides Name:

Brides Address:       Brides Unit # 

Brides City:    Brides State:         Brides Zip Code:

Brides Home Phone:

Brides e-Mail Address:

Brides Work Phone:

Brides Cellular Phone:

Grooms Name:

Grooms Address:     Grooms Unit #

Grooms City:   Grooms State:       Grooms Zip Code:

Grooms Home Phone:

Grooms e-Mail Address:

Grooms Work Phone:

Grooms Cellular Phone:

Mail Contract to;

Other, please specify:

1st Limo Pick Up Time: Brides Limo

1st Limo Pick Up Location:

2nd Limo Pick Up Time: Grooms Limo

2nd Limo Pick Up Location:

3rd Limo Pick Up Time: please only fill out if 3 or more Limo's are needed

3rd Limo Pick Up Location: 

Time That Your Wedding Ceremony Starts:

What time do you want the Bride at the Ceremony:

What time do you want the Groom at the Ceremony (only if we are transporting him):

Wedding Location Name and Address:

Picture Locations and When:

Any Extra Stops Needed:

Reception Time:

Reception Location, Name and Address:

What time will you need your limo until;

Special Instructions:

Are you requesting an Alcohol-Free Limousine;

Decoration Colors:   complimentary decorations, we will try and match them as close as possible, they are never exact.

Limo Color:   Limo Size:

How did you hear out about us? so we may thank them

Other, Please specify;  

Price we quoted to you on the phone: ( add 20% gratuity )

Please specify rate given if not shown:

How many hours will you need for each Limo: (3 hour minimum)

Please Rate Us so we know how we are doing:

Will you need a limo for the end of reception, Airport, Bachelorette or Bachelor Parties? ONLY 1-1/2 hour minimum after reception

What method of payment will you be using for your wedding day?

I understand that I must return a signed copy of the contract mailed to me, and this online contract guarantees my limo

and I will fulfill our end of this contractual agreement with A Platinum Chauffeur, Inc.

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Cash, or certified check,  are the only forms of payment on the wedding day.

If you are pre-paying by a credit card or check, you must be paid in advance of 30 days of your wedding.

Congratulations on your Wedding,

 and thank you for choosing A Platinum Chauffeur, Inc.

A paper contract will be mailed to you to sign and return with a 20% deposit.

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